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Click here to find out how Residuumsol: Fuel Oil Additive enabled Ceat Ltd. to achieve a saving in fuel consumption of 5.46% in their boiler installations in just 60 days.
Some of the regular users of Residuumsol:
bulletCeat Ltd. Satpur, Nashik
bulletCeat Ltd. Bhandup, Mumbai
bullet Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Indore
bullet Excel Ind. Ltd, Mumbai
bullet Hindalco Ind. Ltd. Renukoot
bullet JK Paper Ltd. Orissa
bullet Chemital P. Ltd., Bangalore
bullet Cable Corp I. Ltd, Mumbai
bullet J.L. Morrison Ltd, Mumbai
bullet Arti Group of Ind., Gujarat
bullet MAIDC Ltd, Nanded, Jalgaon
bullet New Bombay Prtg. & Dyg. Mills Ltd, Navi Mumbai.
bullet Kabbur Industries Ltd, Thane
bullet Amol Paper Mills Ltd, Khopoli
bullet Monatona Tyres Ltd, Bhivandi
bullet Art Rubber Industries Ltd
Gestetner (I) Ltd, Nashik
G.D. Industries, Mumbai
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Welcome to the RESIDUUMSOL: Fuel Oil Additive Web Site!

Fuel Oil is a liquid that remains as a residue when distillate fuels are removed from crude petroleum during refining. The impurities in the original crude are concentrated in the residue giving rise to a number of difficulties in the combustion of residual fuel oil. Fuel Oil is rich in sludge-forming unsaturates and sulphur, ash and moisture. The presence of paraffinic and asphaltic particles in the fuel oil also causes improper atomization and prevents efficient burning of fuel oil. Incomplete combustion results in excessive formation of soot and smoke.

After the oil crisis of 1973, users of petroleum fuels started looking for means to increase the efficiency of their heat generating equipment. The chemistry of fuel combustion and additives has been much researched since then.

Residuumsol: Fuel Oil Additive has been in use in India since 1971 with excellent results. Regular use of Residuumsol: Fuel Oil Additive in Furnace Oil, LSHS Fuel, Light Diesel Oil and Naptha Oil gives the following benefits:

  1. Sludge formation is prevented.
  2. Existing sludge is broken into minute particles and burnt.
  3. Clogging of fuel lines and filters is prevented.
  4. Atomization of fuel is improved.
  5. Deposits on burner nozzles are eliminated.
  6. Flame is stable, hotter and in the required direction.
  7. Combustion is catalytically improved.
  8. Soot formation is reduced.
  9. Fireside deposits are eliminated.
  10. Heat transfer is improved.
  11. Vanadium and sodium in the fuel are neutrallized.
  12. Formation of sulphur trioxide is prevented and corrosion is inhibited.
  13. Stack temperature is reduced.
  14. Carbon monoxide, oxygen and unburnt hydrocarbons in the stack gases are minimized while carbon dioxide in stack gases is increased.
  15. Frequent cleaning, maintenance and overhaul are not required.
  16. Fuel consumption is reduced by 4-6%.

We invite you to explore this site and find how Residuumsol: Fuel Oil Additive can help you in overcoming the difficulties that are normally encountered in boilers, furnaces and turbines using Fuel Oil. We welcome your queries, comments and suggestions and shall endeavour to immediately reply to you and, if necessary, depute our representative to call on you.

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