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Some of the regular users of Residuumsol:
bullet Ceat Ltd. Satpur, Nashik
bullet Ceat Ltd. Bhandup, Mumbai
bullet Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Indore
bullet Excel Ind. Ltd, Mumbai
bullet Hindalco Ind. Ltd. Renukoot
bullet JK Paper Ltd. Orissa
bullet Chemital P. Ltd., Bangalore
bullet Cable Corp I. Ltd, Mumbai
bullet J.L. Morrison Ltd, Mumbai
bullet Arti Group of Ind., Gujarat
bullet MAIDC Ltd, Nanded, Jalgaon
bullet New Bombay Prtg. & Dyg. Mills Ltd, Navi Mumbai.
bullet Kabbur Industries Ltd, Thane
bullet Amol Paper Mills Ltd, Khopoli
bullet Monatona Tyres Ltd, Bhivandi
bullet Art Rubber Industries Ltd
Gestetner (I) Ltd, Nashik
G.D. Industries, Mumbai

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Results of the extensive trials conducted at Ceat Limited, Bhandup, Mumbai 400078, India

Data prior to additive treatment was observed for a week before starting the use of the additive. The same will be considered as base readings for calculating the savings in fuel obtained from the use of Residuumsol: Fuel Oil Additive

Total steam produced
2,618,600 kg
Total fuel oil consumed
184,265.8 kg
Steam/Fuel ratio

Trial Period of 31 days

Total steam produced
12,073,000 kg
Total fuel oil consumed
818,116.6 kg
Steam/Fuel ratio
Increase in Steam/Fuel ratio
Improvement in Fuel efficiency

Further trial of 33 days

Total steam produced
12,257,000 kg
Total fuel oil consumed
817,839.8 kg
Steam/Fuel ratio
Increase in Steam/Fuel ratio
Improvement in Fuel efficiency

1Feed water temperature maintained at 100° ± 2°C.
2Blow-down losses not considered in both cases (with and without Residuumsol)
3Three boilers were in service (Two 13-tonned and one 12-tonned)
4Soot deposition on second pass reduced and found clean.
5Carbon deposition at the base of the chimney reduced by 60-70%.
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